Sell With Confidence

We value your classic like it is our own. We want it shown in all of its glory for everyone to appreciate. Most importantly, we want to get you the best possible price.

How It Works

Sellers fees

Free collection

Sell your Car

How It Works

Selling your car at auction has never been easier, simply click on the “sell you car” above and tell us a bit about it, we will then give you a call at a time to suit you to discuss the best way to get the most money for your car. We will then arrange getting the car to our site and begin our auction prep process making sure your car looks it best. We will then take more photos of your car than any other auction house to make sure our buyers see exactly what they are buying. We write a description like no one else! Full details of the history, any recent work and a fair description of condition.

From this point we will begin to market your car, each car gets tailored marketing to get the most bidders that will bring you the best price.

  • On our website
  • Classic Car Weekly
  • Classic Car Buyer
  • Car forums and owners clubs
  • Youtube
  • Social media – Facebook sell more cars than eBay these days
We will conduct viewings, phone & video calls to build interest before the auction date.
Auction Day – We will display your car in its best light in an auction hall filled with bidders as well as to phone, online & proxy bidders.
Once your car has sold we will arrange payment with the buyer along with transfer of ownership and collection.
We then pay you via bank transfer.
If for any reason your car doesn’t make its reserve on the day we will contact you to discuss options going forward, we will negotiate with bidders to get to the price you want,  we will market the car after the auction date to find a sale at a price you are happy with.

Free Collection

As part of our seller’s service we will collect any car or bike within a 50 mile radius of our auction halls free of charge! 

Collection from further afield can be arrange at a very low rate to take the hassle out of selling your car.
Got a shed load of parts with your car? No problem we will pick this up too!
Your car will be transported carefully and professionally using our fully equipped and insured fleet of trailers and trucks for anything from a motorbike to a 10 tonne truck!

Proper attention to detail…

We spend a huge amount of time on every entry making sure it is displayed in the best possible way


Over 40 photographs: Using our state of the art 360° photography studio we can photograph in controlled lighting 24 hours a day. We take at least 40 photos of every car (usually more) showing every inch in full details giving buyers the confidence to bid. 


Walk around video: Every entry gets detailed walk around video showing the bodywork, interior, engine bay and engine start up. We point out any visible issues and also all the positives of your car. Usually lasting around 10 minutes per car allowing bidders who cannot get to site to view before bidding to bid in the knowledge your car is the right one for them. See our latest walk around videos HERE.


Extensive Descriptions: Carefully researched and written clearly, we spend time going over all history files provided with every car, MOT data and all other information available as well as looking into vehicles history to write a concise and informative description.

Sellers Fees

Our seller’s fees couldn’t be more simple!

£50 +VAT entry fee. – This covers the photographs, catalogue research and the correct advertising to ensure we get the best possible price for your car

7.5% of the sale price (plus VAT) – we take 7.5% of what the car achieves at auction and pass the rest on to you!

Reserves – You can set a reserve when entering your vehicle to ensure you get back what you need.