Buyers Guide

Buying at auction doesn't have to be stressful.


Proper Attention To Detail…

We spend a huge amount of time on every entry making sure it is displayed in the best possible way

Over 40 photographs: Using our state of the art 360° photography studio we can photograph in controlled lighting 24 hours a day. We take at least 40 photos of every car (usually more) showing every inch in full detail giving you the confidence to bid.

Walk around video: Every entry gets detailed walk around video showing the bodywork, interior, engine bay and engine start up. We point out any visible issues and also all the positives of the vehicle. Usually lasting around 10 minutes per car allowing anyone who cannot get to site to view before bidding to bid in the knowledge this car is the right one for them. See our latest walk around videos HERE.

Extensive Descriptions: Carefully researched and written clearly, we spend time going over all history files provided with every car, MOT data and all other information available as well as looking into vehicles history to write a concise and informative description

See it for yourself …

Book a viewing: All lots are on site at our Newcastle auction house, we are open 6 days a week (maybe even a Sunday if you bribe us with biscuits) book a viewing for a time that suits you, weekdays, evenings, weekends what ever works best. Spend as much time as you need with each lot, have a good look round, check out all of the paperwork including a full HPI check on every lot, we will even start the engine for you so you know exactly what you’re bidding on. 


Can’t make it to site?: We can show you any lot by video call, one of our team will go round the vehicle showing you every inch, answering every question and starting the engine etc. They will go through paperwork and explain the auction process giving you the confidence to bid as though you were with us. 


More Pictures? us.We take at least 40 pictures of each lot, if you require something specific please let us know and we will happily send you more pictures via email, WhatsApp, text or carrier pigeon which ever is easier for you. 

Bidding …

You can bid in any of the 4 following ways 

In Person Come along to our auction site on the day of the auction before 11am, we will register you to bid and give you a bidder number, when the lot is interested in comes up for sale, listen to the auctioneer, he will announce the starting price, raise your hand to bid, he will call out any other bids until someone is the winner. He will give you one last chance to bid before dropping the hammer to complete the sale. 

By Telephone Bidding by telephone is the next best thing to being in person, one of our team will give you a call a few lots before the lot you are interested in on auction day, they will tell you what is happening and answer and last minute questions you have. They will then tell you the opening bid, the bids in the room and online and bid when instructed by you, they will tell you how busy the bidding is and can offer advice if needed to help you win your lot. 

By Proxy : Not available on the day? leave a proxy bid allowing us to bid on your behalf. You leave us with your maximum bid for each lot you are interested in. We will then bid as though you are in the room. For example if you leave a £10,000 bid on a lot, the auction might start the bidding at £6,000 we will then bid the £6,000 for you, if no one else bids the auctioneer will drop the hammer at £6,000 and you win at £6,000 (providing the reserve is met, it might be a provisional sale if the reserve is not met) if there are other bids we will bid on your behalf until you win the lot or we hit your maximum bid. 

Online : Bidding online is simple, simply register to bid online by clicking the bid online button, you can bid in advance in the 2 weeks running up to the auction or you can watch the auction live online and bid. Please note bidding online does incur an additional 2.5% buyers fee. 

Fees Explained …

As a buyer you will pay 7.5% +VAT buyers fees onto of the hammer price of any lot you win. For example if you win a lot at £10,000 on the hammer you will pay £750 plus £150 VAT coming to £10,900 in total.

Our fees are the most competitive of any live classic auction in the UK, no 15% fees here! 

Buyers fees are subject to a £75 plus VAT minimum.

I’ve won! Now what? …

Our office will send you an invoice for the lots you won via email. If you are here in person and want to pay while you are here, no problem come to the office for your invoice and pay by card, bank transfer or cash. Cash is limited to £10,000 per lot.

If you are bidding by any other method we will email your invoice please pay within 48 hours unless previously discussed before bidding. Want to pay by card? Give us a call we can do that over the phone, otherwise bank transfer is fine too.

Collection : Collecting your vehicles is simple, simply let us know the day you want to collect, we will make sure they are up front and ready to go along with all corresponding paperwork, keys, spare parts etc. 

DeliveryWant your vehicle delivered? We can arrange that for you, let us know the delivery postcode via phone or email, we can give you a price using one of our trusted delivery partners ensuring your new vehicle gets to you safe and sound. 

We do not charge a storage fee for vehicles that need to be kept for a week or two, any longer please get in touch to discuss storage.


Still got questions? Please let us know we are happy to help!